In this podcast episode I interview ayurvedic physician Dr. Vignesh Devraj, who is the founder and director of the ayurvedic panchakarma clinic Sitaram Beach Retreat. In this interview we talk about the immune system from the point of view of western and ayurvedic medicine and dive into the concept of doshas in relation to our vitality.

We talk about:

  • the concept of our immune system and common misunderstandings
  • why the ayurvedic concept of Ojas is not only our immunity but also our vitality
  • why a virus or bacteria is not the root cause of a disease
  • how our conciousness and immune system are interrelated
  • how the concept of Doshas is commonly misunderstood in the west
  • ayurvedic tips on how to boost your immune system

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More about Dr. Vignesh and Panchakarma at Sitaram:

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