In this podcast episode I interview ayurvedic health practitioner and author Laura Plumb, who is specialized in vedic astrology. In this interview we talk about how Jyotisch, the vedic astrology can support us in our quest of who we are but also in understanding our purpose as an individual and as a collective.

We talk about:

  • the concept of jyotish and how it differs from western astrology
  • how we can read the doshas and our mind-body constitution from a vedic chart
  • how we can get information about our gifts and purpose in this life through jyotisch
  • why vedic astrology can predict times that are prone to imbalances
  • how understanding astrological concepts can help us to restore balance
  • why our doshas and chart should not be taken as an excuse for not taking action
  • how you can allow healing by accepting difficult phases in your life

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More about Laura Plumb:

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