This is a special episode in which I had the pleasure of recording the beautiful Ellen Arthur singing a Mantra to Saraswati, who represents knowledge, music, art, wisdom, learning, and anything whose flow purifies the essence and self of a person.

About Ellen:

Ellen is currently living in Bali teaching Yoga at the studio The Practice. Her desire is to be able to use the techniques, practices and methods she has been taught through Yoga to help others heal and transform their lives. For her one of the most transformative practices has been Mantra. Using Mantra as a vechicle for self discovery and nurturance. “Chanting mantra has given me greater clarity on where I believe I am holding myself back. Chanting mantra has also been such a gift in the way it pulls together a beautiful community of people who are also on the path of self inquiry.”

More about Ellen:

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Namasté and with Love,

Picture by Maya David